You Are Full of Shit

This is what your head looks like.
Full of crap.
Nonsense you don’t need.
So just stop.
It’s time to clear some space.

Stop the nonsense.
Try for 30 days.
Make a commitment.
Use social accountability if you need to. Loss aversion threats of burning cash.
Because that’s what you are doing… you are burning cash.

No booze. Not one sip.
No caffeine.
No sugar.
No dairy.
No porn. (You know who you are).

No meetings.
No phone calls.
During your working hours, focus on your ONE thing until completion.

Just stop being full of shit.

No social media. (Use it for 10 mins in a day, if you must. Not to “check” it. Because it’s a waste of your fucking time).
No email. (Or once a day to send essential messages THEN only respond to essential messages).
No news.
Stop it. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop it all.
You won’t be doing anything constructive by doing these things.
You are just distracting yourself from whatever you main goal is right now.

Set what time you will go to sleep.
And what time you will wake up.
Just stop being full of shit.

Focus on ONE thing.
Have ONE goal.
ONE strategy for accomplishing that.