What is the worst advice in the world?

Bad advice.

And what constitutes bad advice?

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, seek advice from somebody (or several people) who have done the exact thing it is that you’re trying to do.


Whether that’s raise money hire a founding team, find a co-founder or grow your business, go down a customer development route and find VC backing, raise funds another way… whatever it is, seek advice from other person, or multiple people who have done the very things that you are trying to accomplish.

Anything else is just stupidity and seeking bad advice there are plenty of people out there who will give you advice, give you coaching, give you mentoring, and have not done the thing that you are actually trying to do.

But when it comes down to it, that’s just opinions.
It’s not useful advice. It is opinions.


We all know what the Big Lebowski has to say about opinions


And if you are the giver of advice, as a coach, mentor, leader, then you have a moral obligation to call yourself out if you have not done the thing that your coachee / mentee is trying to accomplish.

This is a matter of integrity.

So that’s it!
Find, and use, advice from people who have done what it is you’re trying to do.
End of.




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