What is your ONE THING for the week?

What is your ONE THING for the week?


Focus on just ONE THING.

Make it big enough that it warrants having a whole week to complete it.
If the project is too big, then break it into smaller pieces.
But focus on JUST ONE THING.
Track how much time you spend doing that ONE THING.

I’d recommend a simple time tracking app that collates this for you at the push of a button.
I useĀ a web app called paymo.

(Click the image to visit their site)



Then look at it.
You might be surprised by what you find.

Here’s my ONE THING time tracking so far for October.



And how it compares against the other work that I have needed to get done:


If you’ve come from a professional services or consulting background, then this is all probably second nature to you.
But if NOT, then tracking time spent on your ONE THING is a really useful practice.







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