Storythis Value Ladder

Where to focus? When?

Focus on the middle of the value ladder to start with.
For me, currently this is offering growth consulting (Growth-as-a-Service).

And the price point varies for this according to the result I am able to deliver to my client.

Pricing ranges from £9,000 to £35,000.
I am only able to work with 1 client at a time, and a project will last anywhere between 1-3 months.


Also, giving continuous focus to my free content… building my content machine, building my brand, building the Storythis brand and finding my voice.

Everything else can wait.
Sure, build a landing page with a sign-up email capture and build a list in mailchimp, or whatever.
But don’t build out any more of those steps than just that simple holding page and email capture.
Just wait until I’ve hit $1m revenue with the core step, the middle rung of the ladder. Which is consulting & high-end coaching to mission-driven, subscription-based entrepreneurs.


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