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About Rich

Since 2014, Rich Bowdler has led marketing & growth teams for early stage companies.

He has studied, created & implemented more growth strategies than most people have had… (well, whatever you’ve had lots of).

Eventually he left his 9-to-5 to grow his own company ecosystem. He launched the podcast, Storythis Growth Radio, to share the tactics & strategies he has used to help others drive explosive growth in their businesses.

Rich’s takes complex subjects and makes them really simple to understand. He says he has had to do this for himself because he is a pretty simple guy. 

Ironically, being simple has become his superpower.



Funnel Map & Audit

Really see your business laid out before you for the first time.
Get total clarity on where your business is at, where the bottlenecks are and what you need to go focus on.

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Epiphany Mind

THE event for business growth and mental mastery.
There really is nothing else like this.

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Rich is available for occasional speaking engagements and interviews on request.

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