How to Lock In 3x Your av. LTV with Your SVOD users (Case Study) (...continued, 4 of 4).

(FYI – link to Dan’s video testimonial is at the bottom of the page, in case you want to skip past the “Lists” section on List Management).


There are 3 resources that I have used to wrap my head around List Management.


  1. Andre Chaperon – [ARM] AutoResponder Madness

  2. Steve Larsen – List Management 101

  3. Tiago Forte’s review of Paul Jarvis ChimpEssentials course

  1. Andre Chaperon – [ARM] AutoResponder Madness



  1. Steve Larsen – List Management 101



  1. Tiago Forte’s review of Paul Jarvis ChimpEssentials course


Note: I haven’t gone through Paul Jarvis’ course, ChimpEssentials, but believe it to be excellent… if you are into using mailchimp as your ESP (Email Service Provider).

Here’s what mailchimp have to say about Paul Jarvis’ teachings: 



List Management is one aspect to help make things run smoothly.

But essential for success in any campaign is the ability to get your emails opened by as many of your members as possible.

And to do so consistently.


Here’s a snapshot from inside my client’s mailchimp account from emails that I ran for them.

We’re talking >70% open rate (and in some cases over 83%) from lists sizes around 500 people.

If you know anything about email open rates, you’ll know that this is a big deal.

Oh, and their average email open rate before this was at around 25%. Not too bad, but nowhere near 80%.





You’ve got to master this stuff.

I’ll go into exactly HOW to do this another time.

But just know that once we finished the launch, the cart closed. And we meant it.

This is what people saw:





Over the course of Launch week, we blew past expectations.

It was a wild ride.

The total results came in:







As one of my mentors said, as you get towards the end of the launch when more and more people are buying, there is a lot of love.

He even drew a graph in one of his videos to show it 🙂





Here’s the love from my client on their slack channel:





Followed by:





This is how I felt at the end of it:



…spandex ‘n’ all.


 The 2 key threads that weave through everything I stand for, and that the people I learn from also stand for are:

  • Pre-eminence (give value first)

  • Trust – work hard to build it. And then never break it.


“What’s next?” you might be asking. WHAAAT?

Are you mad?!

Wasn’t that enough to munch on? I promised you Dan’s video testimonial. Click over to this next page to watch that now:






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