How to Lock In 3x Your av. LTV with Your SVOD users (Case Study)
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My mentors in this area are the following:

  • Jeff Walker (who literally invented the Product Launch in the online world)

  • Andre Chaperon → who taught me the obvious, but often overlooked strategy of pre-eminence… delivering masses of value upfront before presenting anyone with an offer. (Kind of like what I’m doing in this mini-series of mega-value… well, I at least hope you’re getting great value from this content).


This is Jeff Walker’s book:





And this is an overview of one of Andre Chaperon’s strategies.



I’ve studied courses by both of them, assimilated the learnings and distilled some of the core into running the launch that I did for my client in this case study.


Without giving away proprietary content for which Jeff currently charges around $2,000, here is a rough overview of the timings:




So that you have an understanding, the surveys we carried out fit into what is referred to as the “Pre-Pre”.

We told people that we were putting together an offer and we wanted their input.

This in itself is a useful approach to get early buy-in from people, as they are involved in the process of developing the offer, and ultimately, the business.

Almost like some sort of referendum, but without the bullshit.



^ Once you get to “Launch”, that is when the cart opens and people could actually start buying the offer.

Below is a screenshot of Jeff showing the timings…





….and here are the timings of emails as I mapped out for my client:





Don’t get me wrong.

There were concerns.

Concerns that my client had.

…that their list was receiving too many emails, especially considering they do not communicate with their list more than once a week normally.

There are ways to make this whole process slick and simple for your list, but that is beyond the scope of this write-up.


When it comes to list management for your business, the best thing to do is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Where possible have just one list and then tag people according to their behaviour.


If you want to see the top 3 resources that I use to guide my thinking around list & email management, then read on….


p.s. What if you could implement these strategies in your business? What would that be worth to YOU?

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