Shift to Network Thinking… And NOT as a User Acquisition Strategy

nfx are some of the smartest VCs out there (& accomplished in their own right >$10bn in exits of companies they built).
Thinking in terms of network will become relevant as we transition tech platform, which will enable us to become a platform in our own right.
How each individual user gets more value from the platform with each additional user is something for us to figure out.
Also, how each entity (venue, streaming brand, etc), which sits on our platform, gets more value from each additional brand is also worth thinking through once we get into platform developments in the next 12 months.

This 7min vid is worth a watch to stew things at the back of your mind:


Hopefully, the evolution will be to move from pure content acquisition creation –> to content network –> to data network.
Obviously the lights have to stay on in order to get to that point, but this could easily form part of the viable narrative for raising future rounds.