Quadrant 2, Little & Often

Quadrant 2 activities as defined by Dwight Eisenhower are the things that are “Important” but “Not Urgent”.

The eponymous Eisenhower Matrix was popularised by the famous management & leadership coach, Stephen Covey, in his well-known book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

What do we mean by tasks that are “Important” but “Not Urgent”?

There are really 2 groups of activities within Quadrant 2.
There are activities to maintain & nurture.
And there are activities which compound or create a step-change.

Regardless of type, they are things that would NOT happen as a matter of inevitability, if you paid no attention.
In all likelihood, they would slip off your radar and no bad thing would happen.
At least not in the short term.

Maintenance activities are things like:

  • exercise
  • some friendships
  • health checks
  • (…list to be added to over time)


Compounding or step-change creating activities are things such as:

  • thinking time alone
  • time to write or produce
  • financial planning
  • deliberate nurturing of key relationships within your network
  • learning, mentoring
  • consolidation of learning
  • figure out how to delegate more tasks from the other quadrants
  • (…list to be added to over time)


The larger you can make the time allocation to your Quadrant 2, then the further ahead you will ultimately get.
Does your life situation currently allow you to spend time on Q2 every morning?
If not, then how about at least once or twice a week?
Do it now – schedule time with yourself in your calendar that is for you, and you alone to start (or deepen) your journey into Quadrant 2 living.

Let me know what bubbles up!