Science of Launch

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Welcome to the "Science of Launch" Podcast

How do Entrepreneurs Like us Launch Ideas...

- rapidly
- without burning capital
- dramatically increasing the odds of success
- AND whilst staying sane in the process?

Why are You Doing This?

I hate seeing entrepreneurs stuck inside their idea, or thinking that raising capital is what defines success (OR is even needed!)

The first time I launched, it took me literally years

So, I set out to learn from across the entrepreneurial spectrum, how to:
- test ideas quickly for the fastest path to cash
- pre-validate to maximise likelihood of a win
- develop repeatable strategies for growth

What are others saying...

...about the Science of Launch?

Rich is generous in sharing his growth hacking wisdom. He really went above and beyond adding value..."
- Leslie C. - Chief Marketing Officer, Anthemis


I really recommend working with Rich - he is inspiring.
- Nick W. - Partner, Fenji&Co


Rich helped the business focus on what was important, bringing extensive knowledge of startup theory to the table. It wasn’t all theory though: he scaled out our operations by hiring senior team members, established an arm of the business in the US, helped navigate Series A investment, set up critical operational systems and ran targeted marketing campaigns. Moreover, he was a great person to work with and brought huge energy, drive and positivity to the team – essential ingredients for success!
- Tom de Gay. - Founding member, Quantemplate


Rich helped massively, initially by identifying some quick & easy wins. We brought in an extra $10,000 in under 30 days with no ad spend.
- Dan B. - CEO, NextUp Comedy


The old way of launching
a business is dead

There's such huge uncertainty in the economy.
You can no longer afford to waste time & money
building something nobody wants.
Investors are more cautious than ever before.

Launch with certainty...

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