Learning How to Learn: Powerful learning tools applied to the mental models of Charlie Munger
Improve your problem-solving ability, and make better decisions
About this course:
The course consists of 4 x 1-hour live online group coaching sessions. You will get access to a simple, but powerful set of tools you can use to:

          -  instantly improve your mental performance
          -  build your long-term knowledge
          -  divide your learning to make it easy to digest
          -  make better decisions
          -  apply to your everyday work

Richard Bowdler, your instructor for this course:

...has successfully taught these principles to an elite branch of the British military, the executive MBA class at Chicago Booth School of Business (one of the world’s top MBA programmes according to the Economist), and many others. Alumni include people from companies and institutions indicated by the logos directly below and the testimonials further down this page.
If you have a specific learning objective in mind, you can apply the course material to accomplish your goal more quickly. If you don't have a specific objective in mind, that's not a problem.
       Richard will demonstrate how the principles work by applying them to a set of useful mental models, which Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s business partner), describes as being responsible for his success in business and in life.

“It’s kind of fun to sit there and outthink people who are way smarter than you are because you’ve trained yourself to be more objective and more multidisciplinary. Furthermore, there is a lot of money in it, as I can testify from my own personal experience.”
- Charlie Munger, Billionaire investor
In short, even if you come to this course with no specific learning objective, you will leave with a robust framework of mental models that will help you think strategically about many of life’s situations, outsmart smarter people and make consistently solid decisions.

"Very easy to apply to many different situations, which I thought was quite amazing... You can use this not just for instant improvement, but for building knowledge for the long-term. I have important ongoing assessments at work, and this will help enormously."
- Juan de F., Strategy Consultant, McKinsey&Company - London, UK
When does the course start?
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Course starts Wednesday 3rd January 7pm GMT.
In the 4-Week Online Coaching Programme:

Week 1: Beautiful Memory Palaces - Designed for You

A memory palace is an imaginary location in your mind where you can store mnemonic images. The most common type of memory palace involves making a journey through a place you know well, like your house or home town.
I will help you get up and running with Memory Palaces, create one that works for you and apply it to key information you want to learn. I'll walk you through best practices and you'll get some impressive results in our first session. 

Week 2: PAILROY System

The PAILROY™ System is a system for condensing information into an easily digestible form, and helps you place that information in your long-term memory in an efficient way.
By using this system you are guaranteed results to streamline your learning so you can remember and retain vital knowledge to use in your daily life.

Week 3: Long-term Memory

You'll be taken step-by-step through how to use Spaced-Repetition Software (SRS), to create your information diet that will increase your confidence by easily and systematically moving knowledge into your long-term memory.
We will also work through some more advanced memory palace techniques for amassing whole bodies of knowledge.

Week 4: Super Productivity

We deep-dive into all aspects of your personal effectiveness, looking at your environment, 'sleep-hygiene', diet, stress levels, and design the ideal programme for your specific situation to set you up for ongoing success.
What else is included in this course?
Special Bonuses - only available together, on this limited launch...
  •  1 month’s free subscription to PowerBox
    A synopsis of a best-selling book once a month, delivered to your long-term memory using the cutting-edge PAILROY™ System, via your inbox, and (for the first 20 students) a special delivery in the post...
  •  “The McKinsey Way” distilled
    Get the problem-solving techniques of the world's top strategic business consultants, also delivered to your long-term memory. Only when you sign up today.
  •  12-month access to the NEW memory palace software
    Feed in any information you want, into your long-term memory - the hard work is done for you... all in one place. (Currently in development). 
(Note: Many course subscribers have said they would have joined for the course bonuses alone!)
What other people are saying:
"Very easy to apply to many different situations, which I thought was quite amazing. It helped every step of the way, not just memorising things, but being able to recall relevant information really easily. You can use the course not just for instant improvement, but for building knowledge for the long-term.
I have important ongoing assessments at work, and this has helped an enormous amount."
-  Juan de F., Strategy Consultant, McKinsey&Company - London, UK
I was seriously impressed with how immediately effective the techniques were. The sessions included practical examples as well as theory which was great and enabled me to remember tonnes.  This, along with the 1-on-1 support after the session has helped me master some very effective techniques in a very short period of time. It also helped me recognise the different types of recall which has hugely impacted on my every day work."
-  Nina, Senior Research Manager, Cancer Research UK - London, UK
"I sought Richard out when I was faced with my CFA exams - I applied the techniques for my ethics module and breezed it. I also noticed a significant difference in long-term retention of information compared to some of the other modules where I did NOT use the techniques. I would strongly advise anyone sitting professional exams to take this course!"
-  Thomas WJ Taylor, Head of Solutions, Asset Allocation, Citigroup - NYC, USA
The techniques you taught me have really helped... feed me more!
-  James Porter, Marketing Director, DrEd.com - London, UK
"It’s been a pleasure having Richard coach me. As a psychologist in private practice, I wanted to improve my recall of patient information. Richard has taken a very creative approach which has made our work together fun, dynamic, and effective. If you get the chance, I highly recommend working with him."
- Jonathan L., Psychologist - NYC, USA
"The memory techniques were an invaluable tool when I was revising for my law conversion exams. I did my law conversion exams at the London Metropolitan. It was an effective and thorough way to memorise large quantities of data with great accuracy."
-  Cordelia Prokofiev, Lawyer, Hansen Palomares Solicitors - London, UK
"I found the workshops very interesting and of enormous value to the students and myself. I'm hoping we can use these workshops for all the students as it is something all students should be able to access."
- Jan Crowley, Head of Careers, Bungay High School, UK

"Richard's learning course far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend."
- P Hart, Teacher, Bishop David Brown School, UK

"Richard Bowdler's learning workshops help our students retain a vast amount of information.
We saw a huge improvement in retention of information and the subsequent digestion. Richard cannot come more highly recommended. Everyone needs him!"
- Edward St-John Webster - founder Bright Young Things Educational Consultants - London, UK

Parents & Students
"Nicklas thought the memory course was amazingly good. I wish I had found you months ago!"
- Susan, Mother of A-level student, London, UK
"You are obviously a genius! Charles got 94 percent for Chemistry."
- Deborah S., London, UK
"Now I am one of the top students in my class and before his help I was really struggling. The system is really easy to grasp when he explains it to you and it's fun to use too."
-  Arkadiy A. - 15yr old school pupil
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