More on Quadrant 2

Last week the owner of a WhatsApp group with a bunch of highly sophisticated marketers announced that he was fatigued from “running” the group and he wanted to give away the responsibility.

Naturally, as an EPIC alumnus, my antennae pronged in resonance.

I reached out to the owner and said the following:
“I’d be honoured to take up the mantle of shark group admin and carry the torch for the next leg of the journey.

I’m sure you’ll have much interest, but I’d be happy to discuss especially with regard to guiding principles you’d like to see maintained.
Rich Bowdler”

His response:

“You’re the first one that came to mind dude so let’s make it happen. would be happy to pass the torch your way.”

There was no big deal here.
I had simply been contributing to the group over the last 12 months.
Not sycophantically. And certainly not all 1-way traffic.

So what?
Well, what I now have is control of a group… $0.
(It’s more of an autonomous collective – see python video for more detail).
50+ highly trained marketing minds to share with, request for insight & help, offer opportunities to work on projects, grow companies, and so on.

Contributing to that group (and this one) has been a satisfying thing to do. AND is a conscious Quadrant 2 (Eisenhower –> Covey) behaviour.
Acquiring any asset requires work, even if that work is sowing seeds to build trust and reputation over years.

So, my question to you:
What are your quadrant 2 activities this week?
(And are they Compounding Quadrant 2 activities? Or Maintenance Quadrant 2 activities?)

Oh, and for 3-mins light relief of British comedy gold. This is how Medieval Times really went down: