What does “Document your journey” actually mean?

hi so a friend of mine asked me he’s
getting he’s in the growth world helping
companies and build and scale and I
encouraged him dared him to challenge
which was to create and publish content
on a daily basis and he said well you
know how when I said we’ll just document
your journey and he said the question he
asked was what does that even mean
documenting your journey and then
immediately followed and a text
conversation by saying the cab driver in
my cab he’s got two inch hairs coming
out of his ears he slash tag no given
and just like that’s your journey your
literal journey so just start there and
then tie that into a broader story about
the the narrative and the career journey
that you’re on and that’s it
so grab people’s attention with a hook a
compelling story about what’s going on
in your world based on your observations
and then just start and I think the main
reason that people don’t start not not
necessarily just with content creation
but whether it’s getting up and doing a
presentation or public speaking within
their company or going for a raise or
starting the company that they want to
is because you think that you just need
to learn a bit more now sure you learn
as you go but you’re ready right where
you are just start and I think it’s
because we do really give a whoop what
people think about us too much which
stops us from starting and there’s a
really interesting study where two
groups – art art schools our classes
were taken one control group you may
well have heard of this it was written
about in the first 20 hours by journal
era and one group was told that there
would be assessed on the quality of
their work over the course of
or a period and the other group were
told that they would be assessed on at
the quantity such as pure volume of
output measured in weight by creating
clay sculptures
it’s a quantity versus quality and as
you might guess the group that were
assessed purely on the quantity also
produced the best quality work that’s
just because you’ve got more data points
you’re creating more you can learn as
you go so you learn as you go so the
point is don’t give a hope what people
think about you get on and do your thing
because then you’ll learn and then
you’ll be able to you’ll be further
ahead than you were yesterday that’s it

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