Mental Models are fantastic tools, but what about a nice toolbox to hold them in?

Ok, so this is pretty niche.
If you are a fan of Farnam Street and mental models, then this might well be for you.

You know that article with all the mental models? (This one:
…and the philosophy that for these to be of use to you, then ideally you want to have them kind of in a latticework in your head?
Well, we’re going to take this fairly well recognised article, and put all of those models in your head.
Yes. Straight into your head, so that you have your very own latticework of models in place.
Charlie would be proud of you.
You should be capable of thinking about the world and problems you encounter, in a truly, ever-increasingly multi-disciplinary way. (Phew! Try saying that with a mouth full of marbles).
Presumably you’re familiar with this video explaining the value of mental models:

Farnam Street: Mental Models from Shane Parrish.

The true value in learning any mental model in the first place, (in fact the value of learning anything) is that you remember it so that you’re able to consciously recall it at will, and use it at the opportune moment.
That’s exactly what this free 1hr video below is all about.
It will put 23 models on human nature and judgement in your head, using a done-for-you memory palace and talking you through spaced repetition.
There’s some pretty cool stuff towards the end on interconnected memory palaces for larger scale personal knowledge management, but for now, I encourage you to just watch through from the beginning.


Here’s what Dan Smith of Exponential Ventures said about the 1hr course:

“Will be the best use of an hour this year and it’s completely free!”

Best watched NOT on a mobile, because you really need to see what’s going on.
Even better if you watch with the screen enlarged.
So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax.
Perhaps also grab a pen and paper because you’re gonna be testing yourself… and enjoy the video below:


Only once you’ve watched that video and have decided that you seen that there is value in that and that you’d like to have the rest of the mental models sets built out for you in a similar format and placed in your long-term memory using the spaced repetition software as described in a video and then check out this next piece taking you further down the rabbit hole.
If you want all 8 mental models sets mapped out in done-for-you memory palaces, then this is the course you’ve been waiting for.


If you sign up today, you will get access to the full course loaded in spaced repetition software, memrise, to help ensure these models really do make it into your long-term memory.




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