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You just made a smart move, buster.
Check your email for all the usual woohoo guff saying congratulations and wotnot.

We’re in for one hell of a ride over these here next bits of time… until you scale to the moon, sell the business, or IPO. (Obvs, you can cancel at any time).
It’s going to be juicy.

I will bring you structure, frameworks, and the God of Hell fire accountability.
Oh, and it should be a goddamm hoot.
Because if it’s not fun, then everyone can jolly well go home.

We’ll all be dead soon, so let’s go kick the shit out of this, squeeze out some sparkly results, and have a freakin’ good time while we’re at it. Okay?

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“Now where I find myself is tremendously organised with an ever-growing list of clients…

New business coming in, an online funnel…

I couldn’t be more delighted with the work that I’ve done with Richard and his team.”

“Rich really helped getting clarity around our ideas…
by both an analytical understanding of what was going on and bringing all the information together…
We’ve gone from a seed stage company to now Series B and most importantly it’s got some
substantial sales”
“It’s been absolutely brilliant. We’ve been systematic and now have a clear strutured plan in place.
I would definitely recommend working with Rich if you’re trying to grow your business”

“Having Rich on board helped massively. He brought in £10k in 30 days at pretty much no extra cost to us.”

(Subsequently landed a deal with Amazon worth £100,000 as well as secured an official streaming partnership with the biggest comedy festival in Europe).



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