How to select and keep to your morning routine?

I keep to my morning routine 3-5 days per week.

BUT for one “tiny habit” (see BJ Fogg) which I’ve identified as the most important compounding habit for me, I use a loss aversion technique (courtesy of Nir Eyal ) to make sure I tickle my tiny habit every single day.


The habit:

Ingraining into long-term memory, key knowledge and concepts using spaced-repetition software.

I started using the Nir Eyal technique on April 1st.

See if you can spot the difference:


If you miss, then burn £20. This might be illegal? And if you do happen to miss, just make sure you NEVER miss twice.

I’ve laid out my knowledge in a hierarchy of interconnected memory palaces.


I’m placing a bet on knowledge acquisition and retention being a determining factor in living a rich and fulfilling life.

I’ve extrapolated from that end state, the single keystone behaviour that I believe will help bring it about…

A daily dose of looking at spaced repetition software to prompt me to review fundamental concepts stored in various palaces, enforced with the threat of burning a meaningful sum of money if not carried out.

This could be for as little as 30 seconds.

I’ll post the results when I’m old.

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