How To Leverage Facebook Ads To Generate $100,000/Month In Revenue

I’d like to thank ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, and his awesome team. I’ve been doing digital marketing for 7+ years and creating funnels is easier than ever now.

I use to build everything on WordPress and it’d take FOREVER and look like crap.

Now my funnels look gorgeous and it doesn’t take all day (and night.. lol).

Anyways, I wanted to share some helpful tips for scaling Facebook ads despite all of the Coronavirus scares, these methods do work.

We’ve managed multiple private client accounts at this volume, so we’re more than confident in these methods & strategies. So let’s begin!

1. Always test as many variables as possible.

We want to give Facebook multiple audiences, ad creatives, and ad copies to test so it can optimize.

“Optimize” in this case means Facebook is going to test & analyze all of the different combinations of ads and targeting that you provide. The more combinations the more Facebook can test, which means you’ll find your winning ad creatives, targeting, and ad copy faster.

We test 2-3 ad creatives per ad set.

Also, we test 10+ audiences at once anytime we’re launching a campaign. Single interest audiences (audience size depends on the type of business you’re running).

2. Sacrifice early profits for data.

When I went to the DigitalMarketer HQ to meet Ryan Deiss and receive some consulting he said something really cool.”Traffic is easy to get, it’s like going to Wal-Mart… just go to the traffic store and buy it to test your funnel.”For those of you that don’t know, his company generates 10-20 million dollars a year. So he knows his stuff!

The takeaway here is don’t expect to make a profit right away, buy some traffic, tweak your funnel, and keep testing. You’ll have to be very patient, your account needs to warm up and gain momentum.

3. ALWAYS track your daily numbers.
I was surprised to hear a lot of people haven’t been tracking their daily expenses, revenue, etc.
We use Google Sheets to track everything and it gets filled in every day. Know your numbers, even when the results suck just face the music and put the numbers down anyway. It’s the only way to grow.
4. Leverage lookalike audiences to their maximum potential.
Remember the part about sacrificing early profits? (if not go back and read #2).

Lookalike audiences are specific audiences that FB generates for you based on the data you provide them.

So if you get 300 customers, Facebook will give you 2,000,000 people that are similar to that core audience.

** Lookalikes should be your breadwinners.

These audiences are less competitive and easier to scale.

Tip: Test all events (page views, video views, atc, etc) and test 1%-10% lookalikes. There should be tons of audiences to test.

5. Use CBO for rapid scaling

CBO (campaign Budget Optimization) is a feature that FB will soon make mandatory for all campaigns.

However right now we use CBO for scaling, we’ll duplicate all our best running ad sets into 1 CBO campaign and make the budget very high.

– Do not put more than 9 ad sets in a CBO campaign.
– CBO campaigns get better with time, so make sure to be extra patient.
– Do not run a CBO campaign for less than $80/day (they work better with higher budgets)
– Remember to use 2 or more ad creatives per ad set.

Also, always begin ad sets at midnight.

Anyways… I could write a huge book on this stuff because it’s what we do all day every day.

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