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This is the place to be if you’re a coach, consultant or online entrepreneur and want to launch, grow & scale your business.

You are here because you have an existing business or idea for a company that truly inspires you. You’ve probably read all of the books and taken a bunch of courses. I understand. That was part of my journey too. It is a vital element to your success.

What is missing for you now could be one or more of several things:

    • accountability to help you to follow through
    • the need to stay focused on one track
    • an experienced guide who can help you create an over-arching strategy
    • knowing what the best sequence of actions is
    • understanding the assumptions in your business (& how to remove them)


Don’t worry. Like I said, you’re in the right place.
I have done this multiple times before as Head of Growth, CMO, Chief Strategist & Co-founder, across multiple different companies in London, UK & in the US.

Before moving into the world of starting, building & growing companies I had the privilege of studying Chemistry at Oxford and then had a stint as a Royal Marines Commando, via a detour into the weird and wonderful world of memory competitions.
In short, I know what it takes to succeed and get unconventional results.
It is not luck. Nor is it down to some special secret sauce, though it would be cool if that were the case.

But no.

It all comes down to formulae (I would say that, having studied Chemistry).
We can call them recipes, if you will.
Recipes, mixed together lovingly, with a sprinkling of what one of my late mentors, Chet Holmes, called “Pig-headed determination”.

Enough about me. This is a site about you; your journey & your success.
Please take a good look around. Leave and never return if you don’t like the cut of my jib.
Come back for more and feel free to tell others, if you think they’d benefit.
But most of all, take whatever you can and then TAKE ACTION.
For the love of God stop talking to people about your ideas and your dreams.

Shut up & TAKE ACTION!
Okayyyy… with that said, enjoy the site!
(Oh, and make sure you sign up to take full advantage of some of the amazing free trainings here).

Rich Bowdler

p.s. Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of the products 
promoted on the various pages on this website and accordingly receive compensation.
Any time you purchase a product through me, I will do my best to ensure you get all the support you need to accelerate and sustain your success.

p.p.s. Rise and shine. It’s building time.


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