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Starting Your Podcast from ZERO – 3 Simple Steps

Starting your own podcast has never been easier.
And now is absolutely the time.

First you need to ask “Who & what is it for?”

Map out the XAVIER for the audience.

What is your origin story as relates to this audience?

Write it out in hero’s journey story format.

  1. The Backstory: What is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?
  2. Your Desires: What is it you want to accomplish?
  3. The Wall: What was the wall or problem you hit within your current opportunity that started you on this new journey?
  4. The Epiphany: What was the epiphany you experienced and new opportunity you discovered?
  5. The Plan: What was the plan you created to achieve your desire?
  6. The Conflict: What conflict did you experience along the way?
  7. The Achievement: What was your end result?
  8. The Transformation: What was the transformation you experienced?

Yes! I did ALL the Epiphany Bridge… in one episode.



Here’s the content for the first 5 episodes:

  • Episode #1: was my origin story = the introduction to me.
  • Episode # 2: was the story associated with the vehicle story = Secret #1
  • Episode #3: focused on the internal story = Secret #2
  • Episode #4: was the external story objections.
  • Episode #5, I did a call to action = this cool little free download.



Creating Your Intro

Find a podcast you like. Look at other similar ones and see what their style is.
How do they open? What do they say?
Write out other intros, and look for patterns.
You can even have them transcribed using rev, temi, or just their youtube autotranscribe (if they have).


Then open a google doc (hack: just type “new doc” in chrome browser)
Copy / paste, then rework until you’ve got something you like the sound of.

Get Camtasia – it’s worth it.
It’s only something like $100.
Or if you’re strapped for cash, there are some free editing tools out there. But seriously, get Camtasia.
Open it up.

Hit record & read your intro script.
I just did this in a 5-minute of quiet whilst my son was asleep, and my wife was downstairs.
I did mine in 3 goes.
First 2, it didn’t quite flow, so I made some edits to my script.
But the key is JUST GET IT DONE!

Good enough is good enough.

Next, go to a sound library, sign up and get access to unlimited excellent sounds.
There will be something for any style.
Try either:




Once you’ve got your tune, mix it together with your voice-recording intro.
You may have to fiddle with the volume settings a bit, and make sure it starts & finishes with a punch.

Here’s the resulting podcast intro from about 30 mins work:


As you can hear, it’s not perfect.
I don’t have my pitch perfectly nailed.
The audio could be better quality.
But it is DONE.
So quit screwing around, record your intro and launch your show already.
It’s really not that hard.

Okay… until the next time.


Whatever you’re dreaming, find a way!

Whatever you’re dreaming, find a way!
If you haven’t heard her story of motivation & incredible feat of accomplishment, then this is well worth 15 minutes of your time.

Not only is Diana a total badass, this video means a lot to me.
After retirement, my uncle, who had been quietly frustrated throughout his career, took up endurance sports.
Long-distance cycling & long-distance ocean rowing.
Early on in his endurance journey he asked me if I would coach him.

I was so shocked. I was in my early 20’s.
“What did I know that I could teach him?” I thought.
But the fact that he asked me, made me ask that question of myself.

I started running when I was 7 years old.
I have been into fitness and thinking about motivation and the psychology of performance for a long time.
When I was 16 I completed the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster international kayak race.
Then ran the London marathon in sub-3hrs in my early 20’s.
Sometimes you can’t see the mountain of experience that you’re standing on.
Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out.

I shared this video with my uncle later on in his life to inspire him onto his next adventure.
He thanked me but never used it to catalyse him into action.
For a while I wondered why.
It turns out he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had been told that he didn’t have long to live.

He died a few months later.

To my dear uncle, when I watch this video, I think of you and am thankful for the guidance you gave me in my life.

Who has guided you in your life?
Think of one person.
Could you thank them today?

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Chris Lockhead is a genius.
If you haven’t read Play Bigger, taken notes, and immediately applied it to your business, then you should.

The core principles of this apply to any business whether you are a solopreneur, personal brand, or a large multinational.